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architectural photography

Working closely with our clients, we strive to determine the best possible time of day and lighting in which to capture their project, often previewing the project or working from site plans.


interior photography

Using natural light and supplemental lighting, when needed, to capture a natural look which details every nuance of the interior decor.  



It's often said "it's all in the details" and never was this more true than with photography. From finishes to fabrics, we strive to highlight the details that make each job unique.



Pam Singleton followed her heart to

the Southwest as a young adult 

and fell in love with  Arizona.

Since that time, 

capturing the beauty of the desert through photography has been both

a passion and a welcomed mission.


Specializing  in architectural and interior photography for more than 30 years, Pam’s  work has allowed her to photograph some of the most beautiful homes in the  Southwest.

"I am inspired by great architecture and interior  design. Over the years, I've developed a vast appreciation of the  creative talent that goes into the homes that I photograph. 

My goal is  to capture and convey the esthetics of my client's design."


Pam's work has helped win numerous  awards for architects,  builders and interior designers.  Her images have been used for marketing, websites and social media, as well as, featured in local and national publications 

and coffee table books.

Ms. Singleton resides in  

Scottsdale, Arizona.

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